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Unseen  Features. 
Keeping You in Flow.

 Elevate your "work-in-progress"  journey with streamlined snippet management, a powerful workflow copilot, and effortless collaboration capabilities.

Subtle. Innovative. Built to be Helpful. 🔮

Small Delights.
 Big Impacts. 

We’re re-imagining the basics of productivity with a first-in-kind feature set that augments every step of your development workflow. Effortlessly store key resources, amplify team synergy, and 10x your productivity with the Pieces Copilot powered by on-device LLMs.

List View Within Pieces Desktop App

 Your Resources. 
Centralized and Accessible.

An intelligent, interactive, and indispensable hub for developer materials. Keep track of the little things like snippets, screenshots and workflow context. You'll thank yourself later.

Context View Within Pieces Desktop App

Effortlessly Saved.
 Instantly Enriched. 

Simply paste into Pieces and benefit from ML powered enrichment providing titles, descriptions, tags, documentation links, relevant collaborators, and so much more.

Global Search Within Pieces Desktop App

 Imagine Google. 
For Code. Offline & Fast.

Find the materials you need with a lightning-fast search experience that lets you query by natural language, code, tags, and other semantics, depending on your preference.

The Pieces qGPT Copilot In Desktop App

A  Copilot for You. 
Truly Second to None.

Ask it to generate code, connect you with teammates, or summarize what you worked on yesterday. It can run entirely offline & on-device and understands text, images, videos, entire local directories and of course everything that you've saved to Pieces.

Sharable Links Within Pieces Desktop App

Make Big Teams
 Start to Feel Small. 

Maintain invaluable context of your shared resources when collaborating with teammates, writing technical documentation, or publishing tutorial videos with custom shareable links.

Transform Within Pieces Desktop App

Smart Transforms for
 Easy Touch-Ups. 

Transform your snippets in a single-click to improve its readability, formatting, runtime performance, even translate it to your preferred language, or convert it to boilerplate.

Workflow Activity Within Pieces Desktop App

 Workflow Activity. 
Built for Backtracking.

Easily pick-up where you left-off by revisiting what you searched, copied, saved, shared, referenced, and more. A chronological compass capturing the "when" and "where" of your workflow.

Extract Code From Screenshot

But just a bit more Useful.

Pieces upgrades screenshots with OCR & edge-ML to not only extract code but also repair invalid characters. As a result you get extremely accurate code-extraction and deep metadata enrichment.

Use  All These Features  & More.

Get access to all of these features for free, and get up and running in under 10 minutes. See how Pieces for Developers can boost your workflow!

Want to Take a Test Drive?

Try one of our  Extensions or Plugins. 

 Pieces works where you already are,  seamlessly integrating with your favorite tools to streamline and elevate your coding processes. Try Pieces inside of one of the tools you already use daily to boost your productivity and transform your workflow.

Chromium Browser Extensions
One-click save in Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Brave. Loved by thousands.
Visual Studio Code Extension
With over 20K installs, stay in flow and bring the magic of Pieces to VS Code.
JetBrains IDE Plugin
Coming up on almost 17K installs, supercharge the IntelliJ IDEs with Pieces.
Obsidian Plugin
A must-have for Obsidian users, enhancing the note-taking experience with intelligent code snippet management.
Microsoft Teams App
Transform collaboration in Teams with our extension, bringing the power of Pieces to your workspace.
Jupyter Notebook Plugin
Boost your Jupyter workflow with our plugin, making code snippet management a breeze.