Pieces for Developers.
The Tool Between Your Tools.

Pieces is a first-in-kind productivity suite that optimizes developer tools and eliminates the chaos of context switching.

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From students and indie developers, to startups and open source teams, to enterprise organizations and beyond, Pieces for Developers is purpose built as a cohesive layer and a "tool between tools" that boosts productivity around code snippets in three major workflow processes: researching and problem-solving in the browser, collaborating with colleagues, and lastly, writing, reviewing, referencing, reusing code in their IDE.

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Save key materials from your developer workflow

Pieces for Developers was built from the ground up to serve as a centralized place to save all types of materials and resources related a developers work-in-progress journey.

Along the journey our users have saved things like Boilerplate/Reference snippets, Common Bash/Powershell Commands, CI/CD Configurations, HTTP Requests, Screenshots, Architecture/UML Diagrams, Text Notes, and so much more.

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Simple Copy & Paste

Have a script you want to save, but not commit? Simply copy the code snippet, click the Pieces for Developers Desktop App window, and paste. Instantly, your code snippet is there for later.

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In-Project Snippet Discovery

Discover and extract reusable boilerplate and commonly used code snippets using our In-Project Snippet Discovery features running entirely offline and on-device.

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Use Code from Screenshots

Need to convert a screenshot with a code snippet into usable text? We’ve got you. Drag and drop into the Pieces for Developers Desktop App and watch the magic happen within seconds.

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Powerful Context and Auto-Enrichment with Proprietary AI & ChatGPT

When you save something to the Pieces code snippet manager it not only saves the material itself; but further, our Context Awareness Engine in combination with ChatGPT automatically attaches related context & metadata enabling powerful organization, search, and suggestion capabilities.

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Smart Titles & Descriptions

No need to spend time manually naming or writing descriptions for your snippets. Pieces for Developers will automatically analyze your saved snippet to apply a helpful name and description.

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Related Links & URLs

Easily Attach Documentation Pages, Wiki Links, Jira Tickets, Pull Requests, GitHub Issues, etc. to your saved materials. With Pieces you can easily add a link to a saved code snippet and go back to your snippet later for all the context and metadata attached.

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Natural-Language Tags

We automatically add tags to every saved snippet, so it’s easier to find or reference later. Edit tags on your snippets for personalized context on the instance or history that snippet is used for. Search for the snippet later using those keywords and tags.

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Backtrack through your workflow with ease

More and more developer resources live online nowadays - tutorial sites, Stack Overflow posts, documentation & open source packages, wiki's and blog posts, the list goes on...

This combined with the constant switching back to the IDE, and other tools, often causes developers to lose track of where they were and start over again at the search bar.

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Workflow Activity Feed

Workflow Activity now makes it easier than ever to backtrack through your work in progress journey and access useful metadata associated with your saved snippets.

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Related Metadata

Quickly find and access related links, shared snippets, associated tags, snippet collaborators, and other metadata that is connected to your saved materials.

Search like never before, built for developers

Global Search is an entirely new way to find developer materials. This sets the stage for exciting future search capabilities, allowing you to solve problems faster and find the materials you need quickly and easily with natural language.

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Find Code & Beyond

What’s more helpful: finding code snippets or finding a website related to the code snippet? Both? Global Search in Pieces for Developers not only finds you related code snippets, but also websites with more documentation about your query.

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Suggested Searches

Pieces has a sense of what you’re looking for before you can think of a query. Use Suggested Searches to find what you’re looking for in record time.

Proactive suggestion to get what you need, faster

Pieces for Developers is constantly learning more about your patterns and the materials you use most frequently, which enables us to provide you with the right information at the right time.

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Sort by Suggested

Sort your Carousel View by Suggestions & Relevance based on recently saved Pieces. We want users to be able to reference, share, and reuse the right snippets at the right time, and we're only getting started.

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Suggested Smart Actions

Move through the UI faster and get the most out of Pieces for Developers with our Suggested Actions.

100% secure by default 🔐

All Pieces for Developers features, including our machine learning capabilities, run locally on your machine. Choose to use Pieces connected to the cloud, or not, it’s up to you!

Personalized Link Sharing ☁️

Share materials with all of their metadata in lightning speed. Your colleagues receive both the snippet and its related context - tags, descriptions and more! Easily share code with a auto-generated shareable link over email, Slack, Teams, Github, Bitbucket and more.

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Share without breaking your flow

Using the Pieces for Developers Web & IDE extensions, you can generate a shareable link for your material right where you are, without ever leaving your context.

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Access and Save from Shared Links

Recipients of shareable links don’t have to have Pieces for Developers installed to view your share. When they click your link, they’ll be directed to a simple web app to view your material and all of its related metadata.

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Personalize your Cloud Domain

Sharing with Pieces for Developers is personal. Every user gets their own dedicated cloud resource, facilitating a secure, personalized experience. As a result, you can personalize your cloud domain with a custom name of your choice.

Let’s get started

The Pieces for Developers Desktop App is powered by Pieces OS, which is the background application that facilitates interconnectedness between the Pieces for Developers Suite, and enables all products & capabilities to run offline and on-device.

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Platform Requirements

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What’s being installed?

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Have an issue getting up and running? View our Power Tips to see helpful videos using Pieces for Developers.

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The tools you love, you’re about to love more 🎉

Our browser and IDE plugins, in combination with the Flagship Desktop App, provide users a first-in-kind feature set ambitiously augmenting your development workflows wherever you are.

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Visual Studio Code Extension

Save, access, edit, and share your developer materials right within Visual Studio Code.

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JetBrains Plugin

Save, access, edit, and share your developer materials right within any JetBrains IDE.

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Google Chrome Plugin

Save, share, and backtrack to recent snippets right from any webpage in Google Chrome.

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Microsoft Edge Plugin

Save, share, and backtrack to recent snippets right from any webpage in Microsoft Edge.


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