Save and Store

Save Code Snippets

Centralize your storage with a frictionless way to save key workflow materials, like code snippets.

Effortless Saving Experience

Drag-and-drop or paste code, screenshots, files, links and other resources into Pieces and access it from anywhere. It's better to have a resource and not need it than to need it and not have it!

Extract Code
From Screenshots

Our code-specific Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine extracts the code from your images, auto-corrects any defects with edge-ML, and makes it instantly available for use.

Capture the Full Context of Your Materials

Don’t just save code snippets, store the entire context! Our Context Awareness Engine automatically attaches related metadata, enabling powerful organization, search, and suggestion capabilities.

Search at the Speed of Light

Find just the right code when you need it with a blazingly fast search experience. Instantly find, reference, share andor reuse your saved materials in a few keystrokes without breaking your flow.

Accelerate your Online Search

Save snippets with a single click during your research process. Our browser extensions make saving code snippets easy from anywhere you interact with code on the web.

Discover Snippets from your Projects

Scan an entire file, directory or repository instantly to find and save useful snippets from your own code with In-Project Snippet Discovery.

Hit the Ground Running

Save a curated collection of language-specific code samples in a snap to get a head start on your next project.

The Materials you Need, Right at your Fingertips.

The materials you need, right at your fingertips.

With a centralized place to save your developer materials,
the information you need is always available when you need it.

With a centralized place to save your developer materials, the information you need is always available when you need it.

Stay in the Flow

Save key workflow materials and use them directly in your IDE, or share the code along with its context instantly with teammates.

Find Snippets Fast

Our on-device machine learning models enable <1 second searches for all your materials, so you can get back to coding.

Get Organized

The list view surfaces your most relevant snippets, so everything you need is instantly available–front and center.

No Signal? No Problem.

Everything at Pieces is local-first, with offline productivity in mind. Your snippets are always with you, even without an internet connection!

Intelligent workflows, simplified

Get More Done with Pieces.

Your development journey just became more intuitive and efficient. Less context switching, more seamless integration. With Pieces, the little things are proactively managed. Let's revolutionize your workflow together.

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