Introducing Local LLMs & Copilot Integrations

Code Snippets. Screenshots. Workflow Context.

Redefine Atomic Productivity.

 Capture your work-in-progress journey.  Pieces is an intelligent, interactive, and indispensable hub for small developer materials and essential workflow context. Stay ahead with our cutting-edge code snippet platform and groundbreaking Workflow Copilot, integrated across your entire toolchain.

Refined Everyday. Through Collaboration with  Developers Everywhere. 

Say Goodbye to Scattered Materials

Securely Saved.  Deeply Enriched. 

Pieces doesn’t just store code snippets. With on-device ML, it adds titles, descriptions, tags, related links and other context for streamlined organization and ultra-fast accessibility in your developer tools.

Extract Code from Screenshots.
Never type out code from screenshots again. Advanced OCR + ML auto-corrects defects for accurate extraction output.
Bring Order To The Chaos.
Maintain key source info and metadata for efficient collaboration and reuse in your workflow - all generated automatically.
Global Search Pieces for Developers
An Offline Google for Key Resources

 Search.  Reference. Reuse.

Surface and manage code snippets with flexible interfaces, intuitive sort and search options, and single-click transformations for lightning-fast development workflows.

Find What You Need. Fast.
Query by natural language, code, tags, and other semantics to uncover saved materials in just a few keystrokes.
Quick Edits with AI Transforms
Create boilerplate templates, improve code for readability and performance, or translate snippets to new languages in one-click.
Global Search Pieces for Developers
We took things to the next level 👽

 Your Copilot.  Directly in Workflow.

Our desktop app, with its intelligent Copilot, streamlines coding by generating snippets, extracting code from screenshots, and accelerating problem-solving. Complimenting our other features like Activity View enhance your workflow, letting you save, search, share, and reuse resources seamlessly.

Easily Pick-up where you Left-off

 A Timeline  of Your Workflow.

Reference a complete activity log of all actions you take throughout the app with Workflow Activity Stream - a new way to stay organized.

Breaking Productivity Bottlenecks.
Backtrack through any changes in saved materials with a scrollable timeline of your Created, Updated, Deleted, and Referenced events.
So Many Ways to Filter & Find.
Search and Filter to narrow down your activity details throughout the desktop app and developer integrations.
Workflow Activity Pieces for Developers
Familiar Link Sharing. Just Better.

Efficient. Personal.  Collaboration. 

Claim your custom cloud domain to unlock frictionless sharing of information to colleagues, classmates and readers of your technical content.

Don’t Sacrifice Context for Conciseness
Share code snippets along with robust metadata in a personalized link to maintain invaluable context for efficient collaboration.
Snippet Sharing for the Modern Age
AI-powered enrichment of origin details, related links, collaborators, and other key details leads to faster workflows.
Sharable Links
Start Today. Happy Coding Matters. 🙂

Take Back Your Time.
 Starting Small. 

For us, it's the little things that matter the most. Snippets, screenshots, and "work-in-progress" materials are dispersed across your developer processes, be it in the browser, collaboration tools, or IDE. We’re building a home for the things you copy and paste the most. Join us on this journey as we revisit the building blocks of developer productivity.

Truly. A Tool-Between-Tools.

The Tools You Love.  Connected. 

 Pieces serves as a bridge,  seamlessly integrating with your favorite tools to streamline and elevate your coding processes. Harness the power of intelligent code snippet management to boost your productivity and transform your workflow.

Chromium Browser Extensions
One-click save in Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Brave. Loved by thousands.
Visual Studio Code Extension
With over 20K installs, stay in flow and bring the magic of Pieces to VS Code.
JetBrains IDE Plugin
Coming up on almost 17K installs, supercharge the IntelliJ IDEs with Pieces.
Obsidian Plugin
A must-have for Obsidian users, enhancing the note-taking experience with intelligent code snippet management.
Microsoft Teams App
Transform collaboration in Teams with our extension, bringing the power of Pieces to your workspace.
Jupyter Notebook Plugin
Boost your Jupyter workflow with our plugin, making code snippet management a breeze.
Data the way you expect it.

Private. Secure. Local.

Pieces stores and safeguards your data on-device, facilitating seamless offline experiences that are secure, private and fast.

On-Device Data Sovereignty.
It's all air-gapped. Application data and everything you save is enriched, processed, and stored on your own device.
Offline-First Architecture.
From our core machine learning features to our essential plugins and integrations, everything works completely offline.
Cloud Enhancements. Opt-In and Turn-Key.
Building on our amazing offline capabilities, you can also securely opt-in to cloud enabled features on your own terms.
Love from the Community 🙏

 This is Why. 
We do what we do.

“After hitting an issue with saving my domain name and creating shareable links, I got in touch with Pieces support team to report the issue... Within a couple of days, they had investigated, fixed the issue and released the patch. Following up to make sure everything was working properly, they have also kindly helped me get other (integrated) tools working seamlessly within my workflow. The team goes above and beyond to ensure the best customer support possible, I couldn't recommend the team and product any higher.”

Karen Stingel

“The team has been busy! It has evolved so much over the past year. An amazing vision and tool!”

Brian Powell

“I have tried a few different code snippet tools and websites. Pieces is by far the most straightforward and most accessible. With multiple ways to save snippets (Visual Studio Code, Browser extension, etc.) I have been very happy with how Pieces has worked for me...”

Decio Mendes

“Pieces is a great central place to store and refer back to code snippets which I may have forgotten about otherwise. The Pieces team are also very supportive. After facing an issue with the Pieces plugin not working, they were able to debug and solve my issue in a matter of days! Shout out to Jakub Wasak for being an excellent POC on the Team 😀”

Chisom Oguibe

“The desktop app is awesome. It offers things that the others don't... software that I'm most impressed with lately.. Pieces.. and ChatGPT.”

Heath Brown

“Honestly 6 million stars… It is a fantastic extension and software, it makes your life easier by sharing around snippets through one single place.”

Alessandro Rosmo

Connect the Disconnected 💡

Plug-In and Power-Up.
 With Pieces. 

Your development journey is about to get a whole lot smoother. With Pieces for Developers, we're bridging the annoying gaps in workflow continuity. Less context switching and disjointed research, just seamless integration for optimum efficiency. Plug in to a more productive coding experience, where the little things are intuitively managed. Let's light up your workflow together.